Hello there,

my name is Hanka and I live in the Czech Rep (České Budějovice).

After six or seven years, I’ve finally (or one more time?) settled in České Budějovice at the end of 2019; right after finishing two masters at Masaryk University in Brno (my theses on digital wellbeing among postmillenialsis is available here in the Czech language). I am now working in sort of marketing area for Dopravní podnik města České Budějovice.

So recently, I’ve stopped working on other edu projects (like designing an online course for the cybersecurity team; the result you can see right here Sadly, it has shown up that my educational activities were connected to Brno so much, that I am now feeling slightly abandoned or lost in Budějce 🙂 but we’ll see about that (also, can’t be complaining about being bored ’cause I am planning a wedding and building a home, hah).

Well, to sum up, let the future bring new opportunities and challenges!

Feel free to explore this little portfolio or my socials.
Also, I´d be happy to hear from you on the possibilities of some collab etc.