Hello there,

my name is Hanka and I live in the Czech Rep (Brno/České Budějovice). I’ve recently accomplished my second master’s (Masaryk University); my theses on digital wellbeing among postmillenialsis is available here (in the Czech language).

I’ve also just finished job hunting which a surprisingly pleasant experience. To be honest, I have not met any furious or grumpy persons, just the opposite. And to be honest one more time, it was actually one of the things that got me job-settled so fast. But let’s keep that as a surprise, I still have a few days on accepting new life-changing era, so I wanna have this time for me.

Till the end of this year, I am still part of the cybersecurity team CSIRT-MU; I am currently creating the very first online course on cybersecurity awareness (among Czech universities) and about to start the third semester of university tutoring, which I am so excited about!

Well, wish me luck, ’cause I have never had so little time when not wanting to. 🙂 But I am sure it gets calmer soon.

Feel free to explore this little portfolio or my socials.
Also, I´d be happy to hear from you.