At this time, I’ve got like two articles to respond to – and then, we are going to make the very first online psychology vocabulary in Czech Rep. I am gonna be editing it with RNDr. Michal Černý (the creator of the course) as a mentor. We want it to be published, too (not just e-book).

  • Waiting for results

My theses supervisor (RNDr. Michal Černý) suggested taking a shot in a quite prestigious competition from publishing house Academia (from the Czech Academy of Sciences). The winner gets his theses published in 2020 (we all get results in Spring 2020) in approx 100 pieces.

  • Accepting a new challenge: socials?!

I am not so interested in doing socials (I do think they are important but I am just not keen on it). But I’ve made a deal to create a communication strategy and kick them up a bit for a friend who runs kind of big and pretty cool boats renting service on Vltava river. Wish me luck.

  • Preparing for the second meeting in Polička (Co nebylo v učebnici (like Being omitted in textbooks, hah?)

CNVU is an EU project (2018–2021) and I am the lead support for a team of six members (plus my nice coordinator, M.). That means helping the creators (the team) to make an educational program for libraries and schools (target group: high school students) for 16 hours at the total. The lessons should be helpful for information literacy. Last time, my team has come up with pretty nice ideas, so I am hoping, we will work on them and start the real hard work on our second meeting in July.

  • Remaking squat into a lovely home

Someone takes a yoga class, another one goes and makes some art pieces. All of us – being surrounded by notebooks most of the time – are trying to escape sometimes and get the real stuff done. Well, I and my partner are rebuilding a freakin’ house. So far, it was sweet hard work and even sweeter tiredness with almost no complications, let it stay that way!