• … Three months later?
    I’ve got engaged (yyyyayy!), I now have got a cat called Piškot (someone kicked him out right after the Christmas to get rid of him) and my gym still being damn reconstruction (hey and I got the first overalls).

  • Semester Autumn 2019 is about to start END, right?

Well, so much about updating content here. 🙂

  • Moving from the warmest hometown I’ve had so far

Six years spent in Brno /much wow/. Honestly, I am not moving to Ústí nad Labem or so, but to České Budějovice – and that’s pretty damn magnificent town too. But Brno has its unique soul and I still can’t imagine days without just walking through the center and staring on — (ok, I am shutting the nostalgy down now). Simply gonna miss the town with all what that brings and means and in a way, I can’t describe.

It is actually quite a eyes-opening experience, read these sentences after three months or so! Well living in České Budějovice

  • Waiting for results

My theses supervisor (RNDr. Michal Černý) has suggested taking a shot in a quite prestigious competition from publishing house Academia (from the Czech Academy of Sciences). The winner gets his theses published in 2020 (we all get results in Spring 2020) in approx 100 pieces.