• Writing my thesis on technology usage among post-millennials (or let just say adolescent, if you will). 19 DAYS TO GO! [coffee needed]

I am writing a thesis at the Division of Information and Library Studies. I am writing on digital wellbeing among so-called postmillenials.


I am experiencing another tutoring/online-teaching experience. My task is giving feedback to our eleven students and I truly like it a lot. It is so different than the first tutoring experience (also, I see the first one with very different eyes now).


CNVU is an EU project (2018–2021) and I am going to be methodic support for a team of six members (plus my nice coordinator, M.). That means helping the creators (the team) to make an educational programme for libraries and schools (target group: high school students) for 16 hours at the total. The lessons should be helpful for information literacy. They, wait–we!, have about a year and a half and it includes a little bit of traveling between three Czech towns. The first one is in May!


  • Visiting the underground university at Tři ocásci, Brno

Do you know the mindfull-something thing, when you think about something and then it happens? I am not sure, I believe in such a matter, but in this case, I had been looking for a graphics course for some time and based on the prices, I wasn’t much motivated to enroll for something aaand I didn’t want to learn online. So I gave up on searching and right after that, I discovered the underground free university in Brno cool pub place. Now I am learning with Gimp, Inkscape and Scribus and I can’t be happier.


I am not a web designer, neither copywriter, but working in Umbraco on something even slightly different was really challenging. So far, feedback is pretty good. Uff. But huge thaaanks goes to everyone at CSIRT-MU who has been giving me feedback since February.


  • At the end of the first round of preparing a whole new cyber awareness online course for MU. #prototypes

Currently thinking about framing, stories, name, motto or claim, it is exciting and exhausting at the same time (but the excitement is bigger :). The state of art is not so high, based on our research, ’cause the topic is no fun and the target group is huge. Well, we’ll see.


  • STILL playing with this so cool instax, love at the first sight! (Christmas present)

It surprised me how many functions it has got, you can set up few modes (fast object, long shot for night views, party mode etc.) or enhance or reduce brightness, you can turn on macro view.

Number of destroyed pics: just 1    >2



  • Finally, I am choosing my future kitchen (and bathroom and reading window, hopefully). That’s right. Finally, mood boards are something useful for me. Wish me luck. 🙂 Kind of feeling like living two lives, in fact, I AM living two lives.