Local Politics

It seems to be a paradox, becoming a candidate for a local party when I am currently living elsewhere than in my hometown. But I have been hearing complains from my sister, leader of the party I candidate for, for so long, that I wanted to help her and do some back-office administrative. But it turned out, I could do much more and I also want to do much more. 🙂

At this point, I have to say: firstly, it is a really small village (approx. 2500 people). Secondly, local politics in the Czech Republic (its representation, visuals, members, programmes etc.) is not on a high level. I consider this as a training field, where I can realize some of my ideas and probably won´t destroy nothing important. (So the next few big words like “head of something” hopefully will not sound that haughtily.)

Nowadays, I am a co-author of the programme for autumn election 2018. I have been helping with graphic materials for a while, but currently, I am the head of the visual style and I am doing social media (Facebook mostly) too. I finished a really small WordPress web recently (that is another thing: as local “politics”, we do not have money :).

My casual work looks like: gaining insights (what happened or what is about to happen etc., therefore what need to be passed on people) and transform it both into public and our (our party) language and give it graphic form (at least a little). 

Doing this teaches me how important is to think about your target group and audience, how much you need to consider their interests, skills, even time options. Also, since this playing with socials and graphic materials is not on such a high priority for me, it trains me working at nights or in the early mornings or in the public transport. 🙂


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