Spare time activities


It seems to be a paradox, becoming a candidate for a local party when I am currently living elsewhere than in my hometown. But I have been hearing complains from my sister, leader of the party I candidate for, for so long, that I wanted to help her and do some back-office administrative. But it turned out, I could do much more and I want to do much more.

At this point, I have to say: firstly, it is a really small village (approx. 2500 people). Secondly, local politics in the Czech Republic (its representation, visuals, members, programmes etc.) is not on a high level. I consider this as a training field, where I can realize some of my ideas and probably won´t destroy nothing important. (So the next few big words like “head of something” hopefully will not sound that haughtily.)

Nowadays, I am a co-author of the programme for autumn election 2018. I have been helping with graphic material for a while, but currently, I am the head of the visual style and I am doing social media (Facebook mostly) too. I finished a really small WordPress web recently (that is another thing: as local “politics”, we do not have money :).


I was doing something like election-recapitulation for three weeks on Facebook. (Topics were: traffic, culture, services, money, communication, public spaces.)
Very often, you only have a small moment to make something up. That was a post about a school board (election in the local school were coming up). The main goal was enhancing the board´s importance.


SHRNUTÍ/HANDOUT from the time period, I did just visual style, not content