Masaryk University / Combined Art Studies / 2013 – 2016

I have been always curious about arts and culture, therefore I decided to study Combined Art Studies. During my studies, I gave up on being a curator, mostly because I was not very comfortable around the arts community. I realized it is more of a great adventure – let the art just inspire you. Nevertheless, I gained not just my bachelor degree, but I also learnt how to see the world from different perspectives. And I had to write a lot. 🙂

Masaryk University / Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Estetic Education / 2016 – 2018

I wanted to practice my self-presentation and learning skills and at the same time, I did not feel like giving up on the art area completely. So I continued on AEHS. This experience taught me how not to be afraid in front of people (that much :).  I finish MA´s during three semesters instead of four because I spend the autumn on the Erasmus program from my second study field.

You can read my thesis here, but it is in the Czech language.

University of Pécs / Education and Arts / Autumn 2017

I was studying two things at once, but I thought it is the right time to go abroad. I was scared I am missing the opportunity go someplace else, so I left for Hungary totally alone. I spend there three months and came back more independent than ever. And also, I completed all five subjects on A (hard to say, if it wasn’t the Hungarian school environment more than me :).

You can read some of my thoughts and pictures and memories on my Tumblr, but I must warn you, I was not joyful and excited and polite all the time. 🙂 Also, the posts were written in the middle of the night so you may be annoyed by some mistakes.

Masaryk University / The Division of Information and Library Studies / 2016 – ?

I am now eager to write my thesis!

  • Edtech Blog (Fall 2018)
    On this link, you can look into one semester of educational technology tasks, reviews, videos, podcasts etc. (All of them in the Czech language.)
  • Edtech Laboratory (Spring 2018)
    On this external WordPress blog, you can find pieces from another semester (Spring 2018; all posts in English). It mirrors my thinking about learning course, including design, typography, a tone of voice etc.