CSIRT-MU (February 2018 – now)

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I have started working at CSIRT as a trainee at the beginning of 2018, but they decided to hire me for a part-time job. Nowadays, I am a copywriter, but I am also re-thinking, re-writing and translating online content.  But we are going to start preparing online cybersecurity courses from this January, looking forward. 🙂

RATOLEST (January 2018 – September 2018)

#teaching #buildinglessons #computerliteracy #kids

I was teaching disadvantaged kids since January to almost October 2018 (with a little break during the summer). My job, as an external lector of PC classes, was preparing little lectures for young and older kids (approx 5 to 17 yo). It gave me a huge insight into the excluded areas of my city, Brno. I´ve already had some experiences in local so-called Bronx because I spend my internship at bachelors at The Museum of Romani Culture. But this time, I was more involved with clients and I had to think a lot more about ways of delivering educational content in a way that was “readable” for all of them.

You can see just a few smallest examples from my classes on a little web page. But the site was made as a school work and the main purpose was to think about structure and design, content was not important.


I spend semester 2018 tutoring this cool online course. I was tutoring two groups, beginners and advanced students (about 20 students in total). We (as tutors) were giving students detailed feedback on weekly basis. The main purpose of the course is to help students thrive in the academic world (therefore in our knowledge society).


Last year, I´ve gained a certificate for HTML/CSS web building for beginners (by Czechitas). To be honest, it would require way more attention now (practising and trying all the stuff), but at least, I am able to rewrite some “code” in Umbraco etc.