CSIRT-MU (February 2018 – now)

I have started in CSIRT as a trainee at the beginning of the year, but they decided to hire me for a part-time job. I work as a copywriter, but I am also re-thinking, re-writing and translating online content and I am going to be more included in designing and redesigning webs in this autumn. Hopefully, at the beginning of the next year, there will be a chance to became a member of a team which will design online education courses on cybersecurity topics.

RATOLEST (January 2018 – September 2018)

I was teaching disadvantaged kids since January to almost October (with a little break during the summer). My job, as an external lector of PC classes, was preparing little lectures for young and older kids (approx 5 to 17 yo). It gave me a huge insight into the excluded areas of my city, Brno. I´ve already had some experiences in local so-called Bronx because I spend my internship at bachelors at The Museum of Romani Culture. But this time, I was more involved with clients and I had to think a lot more about ways of delivering educational content in a way that was “readable” for all of them.

You can see just a few examples from my classes on my little web page. But the site was made as a school work and the main purpose was to think about structure and design, content was not important.